What is php and why is it needed?

 Let’s take a look at this definition.

The first thing to understand is that php is just a programming language. That is, with its help we can execute some computer commands, conditions, cycles, and so on …

If so, do it

Do it until…

 and so on…

That is, some conditions and cycles.

That is, in fact, it is just a regular programming language. But the fact is that this php programming language is focused on the development of web applications and websites. This is the so-called server-side programming language or backend. That is, the reverse part of the php language, if you use it for the purposes of developing websites and for the purposes of developing some scripts and applications, works on a remote server on some kind of hosting that supports this web server.

This is where the php language works.

What does it mean? This means that on the computer of your customers who will visit your site this programming language may not be installed at all. That is, their computers, smartphones, phones, laptops, and so on, may not understand the php language at all and be completely unfamiliar with it.

The php language runs on a remote server, which is why it is called a server-side programming language.

Let’s take a look at how this whole scheme works.

For example, a visitor from a laptop decided to visit our site via the Internet. It contacts our web server. The web server accordingly redirects the corresponding request to the corresponding php script. Further, the php script is already interacting with various services. That is, our php language, here it is in this particular file, which the client requested through the web server. Php performs some specific set of actions, prepares some web page, gives it to the web server and the web server gives back to the client that requested this very page.

Thus, the php language is, as it were, a kind of link, a core, a central processor that performs all automation operations on a remote web server. Some conditions are checked. In general, it does everything that web programming languages ​​do.

And the main advantage of the php language is that it is focused on working with web servers. It has a lot of features that allow you to interact with server databases, such as mysql and so on … work with e-mail, with mail, work with the file system on a web server.

That is, all these features are built into the php language. There are certain features that allow you to do this quickly and conveniently. Unlike if you installed some other programming language on the web server.

Here is such a scheme of work.

But you need to understand that the php language can be used not only for web servers, but also for creating websites and web applications. We can also use the php language on the command line. That is, by launching the terminal, we can use the php command to run some php file and execute the script that is in it in this php file and give some result to the command line.

That is, the terminal, on the command line, in the operating system that you have installed, the php language can also be used. Also, using the php language, we can create the so-called graphical user interface or graphical user interface. That is, this is a normal application for the operating system. That is, the possibilities of the php language are not only websites and web applications. This is also the command line, it is also some kind of graphical applications for the operating system.

But most often, in most cases, the php language is used specifically for creating websites and web applications.

If you are interested in the topic of web development, you must have heard of such sites as wordpress and joomla. But these very engines are written in the php programming language. In addition, facebook is written in php and a site like wikipedia is also written in php.

That is, it follows from this that, in principle, the possibilities of the php language are quite extensive. And with it, you can create applications of almost any complexity.

OK it’s all over Now.

I hope it has become more clear to you what php is, and now you can begin to study it in more detail.

Before diving into the basics of the PHP language, let’s deal with the issue of regulatory documents: where to look for official documentation on this language and where to find help information from developers.

The primary source of information from developers is always the most reliable and correct solution in order to understand how this or that function of the language works, what features the language has, etc.

In order to find the official documentation of the PHP language, we need to go to the site:

php dot net

We go to this site and go to the section Documentation (documentation). In order to select the Russian language in the documentation, click on the appropriate link (see video).

We are opening a guide to the PHP language from the developers. The most important thing to get started is the “PHP Language Reference” section.

This section has all the main features that this language has. You can see all this in detail.

If something does not work for you, you can find information on this or that language feature in this documentation.

In general, use this documentation and solve problems in the PHP language effectively.

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